Olympia School District Officials Should Be Terminated Over Bus Molestation and Cover-Up

A recent article in The OlympianLawsuit: Olympia School District hid sexual abuse from parents, has us questioning why Olympia School District administrators are still on the job.  The lawsuit, which we would encourage you to read here: OSD _molestation_lawsuit_2016,

Read the lawsuit:  OSD _molestation_lawsuit_2016

presents damning evidence revealed from a previous investigation and lawsuit leveled against the District.  The district and its administrators are on the line for the inexcusable lapses in professional oversight that created the perfect environment for the molestations, as well as district officials failure to communicate with authorities or parents/guardians regarding likely victims.  The systemic incompetence outlined in the lawsuit, combined with white-washing tactics to avoid legal exposure, have left us outraged and in disbelief.  The Olympia School District is named as a defendant in the case; former Superintendent Bill Lahmann, current Superintendent Dick Cvitanich, Assistant Superintendent  Jennifer Priddy, and Transportation administrators Fred Stanley and Barbara Greer are named as individuals in the case.

Excerpts from the lawsuit filed in US District Court (Tacoma):

“…no experience  …an interview of less than thirty minutes, made no reference checks, made no checks with past employers, made no initial criminal checks but hired him nonetheless.”

“…started spending all of his free time riding along on school buses without pay so he could interact with four and five year old girls, including special needs students with learning or speech delays”

“Shafer has admitted to sexually molesting at least 30 District children and will neither “admit nor deny” his victim count could be 75 children or more.”

“Jennifer Priddy Has Had the Batson Psychosexual Report Since 2011.”

“Despite receiving information about the high number of young and vulnerable school district girls molested by Shafer, Superintendent Lahmann and Assistant Superintendent Priddy chose to do nothing to identify victims of Shafer’s abuse, nothing to search the descriptors and unique names of district victims confessed by Shafer, nothing to provide assistance to the sexually assaulted girls in their custody and control.”

“…these defendants’ deliberate indifference toward identifying them as sexual abuse victims and reporting the abuse to authorities and to the victims’ parents, all done in violation of the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments and 42 USC § 1983.”

We encourage concerned citizens to read the facts enumerated in the lawsuit for themselves.  Olympians have been reliable supporters of Olympia schools on election day, and we should also support the school district’s excellence by being critical of its employees’ actions.  It is not OK to throw our most vulnerable children under the bus to cover district official’s asses, nor is it OK to give the most vulnerable girls sub-standard, unprofessional, and felonious service on a daily basis.



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