Olympia Leaders Silent on Anarchist Hate Group Attacks

Written by Julia C., Westside Oly

Why Are City Councilmembers & County Commissioners Silent on Suppression of Free Speech & Assault by Local Anarchist Hate Groups?


Anarchists Smashing City Hall

On September 5th, a group of 50+ local anarchists attacked an air force pilot, knocking him off his motorcycle, beating him with a baseball bat, and spraying him in the face with mace and paint.1 A woman in a nearby vehicle screamed at them to stop while her children cried in the backseat. They told her that “sometimes kids need to cry to learn.”2 A Good Samaritan tried to stop them and she was attacked as well.1 To these anarchists, this beating was justified because the man had a confederate flag on his motorcycle. This, however, was not their planned target. The mob proceeded to City Hall – swinging bats, throwing rocks, and smashing out windows, before running up 4th avenue. 1,3

We try to stay pretty positive with our Instagram posts however we wanted to share with you what OPD is dealing with regarding the protests. Last night approximately 50 protesters marched the streets of downtown Olympia masked up and dressed in all black carrying weapons ranging from baseball bats to sticks to socks with rocks in them… At one point the protesters turned towards a patrol vehicle that was blocking traffic and started swinging bats while approaching it. Later, we received word that the protesters assaulted a man on a motorcycle and was beating him with a bat. While we responded to the victim the protesters continued on to City Hall and proceeded to use their weapons to break multiple windows and vandalize the building and patrol vehicles. #olypd #olympia #olypolice #cityofolympia #patrol #police

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If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

The police department has rightfully identified these local anarchists as a Hate Group.1 Yes, like many people, I see the confederate flag as a symbol of slavery and oppression; nonetheless, flying that flag is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution and this was an attack on free speech. This organized attack on City Hall wasn’t just vandalism of a building. City Hall is our local White House and this is an attack on democracy and free speech at the most fundamental level.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this Hate Group has damaged city property, attacked innocent people, or suppressed free speech. This is business as usual in Olympia. The anarchists symbol (otherwise known as the A-hole sign), can be found spray-painted on nearly every piece of public property in the city.

The A-hole Symbol Spray Painted on the Capitol Building

We saw the same suppression of free speech in 2013 when a city council candidate had the windows of his business shot out repeatedly after stating views unpopular with anarchists.4 Many downtown business owners remain fearful of having their property vandalized for expressing concerns related to transiency, narcotics and related violent and property crime.

If you’re wondering why City Council members (present or running) and County Commissioners haven’t spoken one word in public about this violence in the heart of the city, so are we.

Maybe it’s because it’s election season and they’re afraid to mutter a word that has anything to do with the officer-involved shooting. Maybe they’re just afraid of the anarchists, who take over City Hall when the city isn’t being run they way that they want. Or maybe it’s because several City Council members work closely with local anarchist groups like EGYHOP (the anarchist mobile syringe distributor)5, funneling federal and property tax money6 and diverting city park funding7 to organizations that work intimately with EGYHOP, such as Interfaith Works and Capital Recovery Center (CRC). Councilmember Selby was accurate when she noted CRC’s Downtown Ambassador’s Program logo resembles the symbol for anarchy.8

Every person in this country has the right to walk down to City Hall and execute their right to free speech, regardless of the message, without being threatened or attacked by Hate Groups. Right now, that is simply not a safe option in Olympia and it is unacceptable. Olympia police need enhanced resources to ensure that arrests are made next time Hate Group members attack innocent citizens or vandalize public buildings.

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