12th Man Dies of Heroin Overdose

Statistically speaking, before today’s NFC Championship kickoff against San Francisco, 12 Washingtonians will have died of heroin/opiate overdoses just since last weekend’s victory over the Saints. The Olympia area has discovered a few suspected bodies in public places in recent days.

Here is a quest for every ’12th Man’ out there: Try using that earthquake-inducing voice to talk to 12 people this week about the topic of heroin. Perhaps you will hear stories about daughters lost to the streets, burgled homes, dirty needles about the town, first-responders’ life-saving encounters, or grandparents who have found themselves raising grandkids. It is impacting so many Washingtonians that we are beginning to experience a threat to our safety and quality of life. However, you likely will also come across somebody who has no idea what you’re talking about.

Ohio Governor Kasich (R) has launched a ‘Start Talking‘ website and campaign for parents and teachers to use with youth. It states that Children who learn about the risks of drugs through discussions at home are up to 50 percent less likely to use drugs than those who do not get that critical message from their parents.” Don’t wait for our state’s government to acknowledge a crisis and start a prevention campaign. Start talking to people around you now about this very serious issue.

Check out Wisconsin’s interactive ‘Fly Effect‘ website to learn more about the dangerous downward spiral of heroin addiction.


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