City Council Requests Work Session on Heroin & Stray Needles in Response to Eastside Resident’s Comments

Concerns around the proposed low-barrier shelter and the plan to accept drug users has prompted a community-wide conversation about heroin use and loose syringes in Olympia.  As a result, an Eastside Olympia resident testified at City Council Tuesday regarding the increase in heroin & stray syringes found in Olympia’s parks and trails.  This testimony started off a 30 minute conversation among Councilmembers around the issue, many echoing those concerns and stating that the Downtown Association and others are experiencing this problem as well.  Steven Welliever, an Eastside Resident, stated that Olympia is handing out more syringes than library materials circulated a fact that is especially shocking considering the recent arrest of 6 people near the downtown library for heroin use.

Watch the comments from resident, Steven Welliever starting at 14:26 and the City Council discussion starting at 22:00.


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