ATTENTION: People’s House States Area Between Eastside St. and Plum is Off the Table.

See Correspondence below:

Hi Meg,
Thank you for listening to our concerns and ultimately deciding to drop the 10th Ave location. I do appreciate the work you are doing to help people get their lives back and I think the attention to the issue will ultimately help that mission.

With that in mind, I would like to know if any of the sites between Plum and Eastside (on the attached map and matrix) are still in consideration as well. We consider this area our neighborhood’s “front yard” and many, if not all of the locations in that area are actually closer to Madison Elementary and Avanti High School. This is a big concern.

We look forward to finding a solution that works for the whole community.

Jessica Archer
Concerned Eastside Neighbors


Thank you for your email and your desire to find solutions! We have shifted our focus for siting The People’s House shelter to locations outside of the area you have described as your neighborhood’s “front yard”. We hope that with much of the support that has built over the last few weeks for our program we can seek a location in or around the downtown area.

Hope to see you Monday!
Meg Martin


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